CCH Introduces Comtax® System to Help International Tax Professionals with Cross-border Transactions

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., May 9, 2011) – Calculating cross-border transactions to determine everything from international tax strategies to where it makes sense to do business is now easier with Comtax® System software, available in the United States through CCH’s partnership with Comtax®. The partnership expands CCH’s portfolio of comprehensive international tax products and software tools that help companies ensure compliance, simplify workflow and maximize profitability. CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business is the leading global provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services (

“While this type of work is typically time consuming and prone to risk, Comtax® System software enables businesses to efficiently reduce tax costs, minimize risk and increase the net results of cross-border transactions,” said Thomas Stitt, CCH Director of Corporate Market Strategy. “With Comtax® System, established multinational businesses, those exploring international opportunities and tax consultants can plug in a wide range of financial variables to determine best practice models for moving forward.”

The Comtax® System helps international tax professionals optimize net profit for dividend, interest, royalty as well as fee and capital gains cross-border transactions. It covers jurisdictional regulations in up to 129 countries and offers separate optional add-on modules for both Thin Capitalization and Capital Gains. The tool can also base calculations on up to eight intermediary countries (10 including source and recipient countries) and can build templates of optimal company structure and organizational charts.

Instant results for complex calculations showing the most desirable tax options are available, with the 30 most tax-efficient transactions presented within a few seconds. Comtax® System contains more than 400,000 international tax rates with monthly software updates to guarantee users always have accurate data on hand in the work process.

Since interest, royalties and fees for international transactions are not bound by the same legal structure for dividend transactions, Comtax® System paints a clear financial picture for how and where businesses choose to operate in order to meet their needs. Comtax® System provides the ability for drilling down to the reasoning behind calculation content, modifying start figures and other variables that reflect real data.

For More Information

Comtax® System is available via install only. Users can easily access a secure web link for downloading software and monthly updates supporting cross-border calculations. For more information, please call 1-866-513-CORP (1-866-513-2677).

About Comtax

Comtax® ( is the only company worldwide to offer a tax planning software suite specially tailored for international tax professionals. The Comtax® System is continuously being refined, and has been used on a daily basis since 1985 by multinational corporations, banks, tax consultants and lawyers all over the world – providing them with the tools for minimizing tax on cross-border repatriations and capital gains on shares.

About CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business ( is the leading global provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services. It has served tax, accounting and business professionals since 1913. Among its market-leading solutions are The ProSystem fx® Suite, CorpSystem®, CCH® IntelliConnect®, Accounting Research Manager® and the U.S. Master Tax Guide®. CCH is based in Riverwoods, Ill. Wolters Kluwer ( is a market-leading global information services company. Wolters Kluwer is headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands. Its shares are quoted on Euronext Amsterdam (WKL) and are included in the AEX and Euronext 100 indices.

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