CompleteTax Reviews Strategies to Save Time and Money As the Tax Deadline Nears

Explains Options for Filing a Tax Extension for Those Who Can’t File on Time

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., April 6, 2011) – While more than 60 million taxpayers have already filed their tax returns, millions more will be calculating deductions and credits up until the April 18 tax deadline – and still some will require additional time. CompleteTax® online tax preparation software can help taxpayers beat the fast-approaching income tax filing deadline or show them how simple it is to file an extension.

“This year, taxpayers get a little more breathing room to file their taxes,” said Gary Lundberg, a tax preparation professional with CompleteTax. “But many people may still find themselves rushing to get their taxes done and may overlook ways to save time or maximize their refund.”

Lundberg offers these five easy tips for taxpayers on how to make the final days of tax season much less taxing:

  • Take advantage of last-minute tax savings. For example, you can reduce your taxable income by as much as $5,000, or $6,000 if you are 50 or older, and meet income requirements. Taxpayers have until April 18, 2011, to contribute to their 2010 IRA.
  • Double-check your income tax filing before sending. If you omit information or make a mistake, the processing of your tax return and/or refund can be delayed. Among common errors, check to ensure all Social Security numbers are correctly entered and that you’ve signed your tax return – either manually (if mailing) or with an electronic PIN (if e-filing).
  • Use online tax preparation software. A record number of people have already filed their tax returns from home computers this year, according to the IRS. Completing your tax return online is easy; and on top of performing calculations for you, a good program will identify opportunities to maximize your refund through credits and deductions, and review your return to help you avoid mistakes. CompleteTax also offers free federal tax returns for taxpayers who need only the most common tax forms. Additionally, CompleteTax federal returns are free to those unemployed during 2010, those owing the IRS taxes or anyone switching from another major online tax program.
  • E-file your tax return and use direct deposit. The combination of e-filing with direct deposit can mean receiving your tax refund in as few as eight days rather than the weeks it can take to get your refund if you filed a paper return and have to wait for a check mailed from the IRS.
  • Adjust your 2011 withholding if you overpaid taxes in 2010. The average tax refund as of early March was more than $3,000. While many people like the idea of getting a refund, a large refund may indicate you are overpaying your taxes throughout the year. CompleteTax provides a free W-4 calculator to help taxpayers determine what their optimal withholding should be at

Filing for an Income Tax Extension

Taxpayers unable to complete their tax returns by April 18 can use CompleteTax to file an extension, good till October 17.

CompleteTax automatically fills in relevant information on the Form 4868 federal tax extension form for taxpayers who have started their returns with CompleteTax. Anyone who has yet to start their income tax filing can still use CompleteTax to apply for an extension quickly and easily. Taxpayers can choose to e-file their extension form at no additional fee, or print and mail the form to the IRS.

“If you can’t complete your tax return by April 18 th, it’s important to make sure you file an extension – but you still have to pay any expected taxes by April 18 th to avoid fines and penalties,” Lundberg said. “CompleteTax makes it easy to file an extension in just a matter of minutes. The program will also send alerts reminding you to complete the filing of your tax return before the extension deadline.”

Free Tax Preparation Software

Throughout this tax season, people can use CompleteTax’s Premium federal tax product for free if they are claiming unemployment benefits in 2010 or switching from TurboTax®, TaxACT® or H&R Block® online. Additionally, taxpayers who owe the IRS on their 2010 income tax return can use CompleteTax for free to prepare their 2010 federal tax return. CompleteTax Basic also offers free tax preparation software for taxpayers who need only the most commonly used tax forms and schedules.

About CompleteTax

CompleteTax is the fast, easy and accurate online tax preparation software solution for taxpayers who want the confidence that their taxes are done right and that they’re getting the biggest refund. CompleteTax walks you through every step necessary to prepare and file taxes online, including filling out all the necessary forms. With CompleteTax, taxpayers can either file taxes online (e-file) or print and mail their return.

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