Innovation Continues As CCH Announces IntelliConnect Enhancements

(NATIONAL HARBOR, MD., October 28, 2009) – CCH has announced a number of forthcoming enhancements for IntelliConnect™, its award-winning new research platform for tax and accounting professionals that is connecting over 110,000 researchers to the authoritative answers they need to serve their clients. CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business is a leading provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services (

“Customers are very pleased with the number of ways there are to find their answers in IntelliConnect – by keyword searching, by menu-walking and by searching selected content,” said CCH Product Manager Tina Rajski. “Now, we’re excited to introduce a series of enhancements that will make finding answers even faster and easier.”

The enhancements include: greater overall speed and performance; the ability to apply multiple filters to a single search; a topically-arranged browse tree; shortcuts to adjoining documents; and a reminder that documents have been saved to research folders.

Multiple Filters Available Simultaneously

IntelliConnect will expand on the use of filters in searching. Users will have the ability to cross-filter – or apply multiple filters simultaneously – using all of the filters that are available to them. For example, users will be able to narrow their search results by selecting a specific document type, a tax type, a menu level on a library and a specific jurisdiction – all at the same time.

“Being able to apply multiple filters allows users to refine their results, getting them their answers faster,” Rajski said. “Cross-filtering by tax type, document type and jurisdiction is especially convenient for our state tax users.”

Topical Browse Tree

IntelliConnect will have a topically-arranged browse tree, so users can more quickly find the publications they want to review.

“The new browse tree features content organized by topic, so federal content has its own branch on the tree, state content its own branch and so on,” Rajski said.

Researchers who use browsing as a research strategy will also have two time-saving techniques available. A “Collapse All” function will allow them to collapse all of the menu levels they’ve opened so they can easily re-start their research from a different beginning point. They will also be able to call up a complete list of documents for any menu level while browsing.

Nearby Documents, Research Folder Reminder

A new “Nearby Documents” will enable researchers to view the next and previous documents in a publication as if they were reading the document in a book, without leaving the search results list.

“This is a time-saving shortcut for accessing nearby content that can explain or expand on the document at hand,” Rajski noted.

Also new, when researchers have placed a document in a Research Folder, an icon will appear in the top left corner of the document. In addition, any attached notes can be accessed by clicking on this icon.

“It’s not unusual for researchers to open the same document more than once in a research session,” Rajski said. “The icon will be a useful visual reminder that the document has already been placed in a folder and doesn’t have to be put into a folder again.”

Award-winning Innovation

Earlier this year, IntelliConnect won a 2009 Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award from The CPA Technology Advisor. The award recognizes innovative developments in technologies that benefit the tax and accounting profession, as well as significant advancements in existing technologies. The award marks the fifth time in six years that a CCH product has won the prestigious honor.

“We’re pleased with the recognition IntelliConnect has achieved so far, but we’re not done innovating,” Rajski said. “These new enhancements, which users will begin seeing as early as the end of this year, are evidence of the continuing improvements we can make through listening to our customers and committing to delivering the very best in tax research.”

For More Information

For more information on the award-winning CCH IntelliConnect, please call a CCH sales representative at 1-888-CCH-REPS (1-888-224-7377) or visit

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