CCH CompleteTax Makes Tax Prep and E-filing Affordable and Even Easier

CCH CompleteTax® offers the opportunity to try it for free, so taxpayers can watch CCH CompleteTax lower their taxes by checking for eligible tax deductions and tax credits. Special support built into CCH CompleteTax helps those affected by AMT-forms have a hassle-free tax prep experience.

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., January 10, 2008) – Consumers tired of searching for the right tax software to match their changing circumstances need to look no further than CCH CompleteTax, the comprehensive online tax preparation and electronic filing software from CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business and a leading provider of tax, accounting and audit information, software and services. CCH CompleteTax, which goes live later this week for the 2008 tax filing season, takes CCH’s 90-plus years of market-leading tax expertise and makes it available for do-it-yourself taxpayers in one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable online tax preparation and electronic filing solutions available.

Building on the success of CCH CompleteTax among a growing number of do-it-yourself tax prep and e-filing consumers, CCH CompleteTax for 2008 offers even more features and functionality to make it the choice for taxpayers looking for an easy and affordable way to complete their tax returns while ensuring they aren’t paying more than they should either on their taxes or for their tax prep solution.

“For many do-it-yourself taxpayers, the first hurdle of tax season is trying to determine what tax prep software they should use. CCH CompleteTax provides a clear-cut choice for taxpayers who want to streamline the process from their initial software selection through preparing and filing their tax return,” said Debra Gray, CCH CompleteTax product manager. “Whether they are first-time filers or they have more complicated tax situations, individuals selecting CCH CompleteTax are confident they have the solution they need to quickly and easily complete their returns so that they get the tax savings they deserve.”

To help even more individuals reach this conclusion, taxpayers are encouraged to try CCH CompleteTax for free by simply logging onto the site and starting their tax return. Users need only pay when they go to print or file their tax return.

For 2008, among the features consumers will realize from CCH CompleteTax are:

  • Ease of useCCH CompleteTax is designed with the understanding that individuals want to finish their tax returns and move on – not become experts in the tax code. As a result, CCH CompleteTax takes a user-friendly approach from the very start, using easy-to-understand language and providing ready access to support tools if any questions arise. And, because CCH CompleteTax is all online, there is no software that needs to be downloaded; consumers simply log on to the site and start their return. They can save and return at any time and easily move between computers while completing their returns.
  • ComprehensivenessCCH CompleteTax covers all the bases to make sure taxpayers take deductions and get credits they deserve. The interview process built into CCH CompleteTax is intuitive, building on previous responses to ask only the questions a taxpayer needs to answer based on his or her tax situation. The result is do-it-yourself taxpayers with the simplest to the most complex tax returns can rely on CCH CompleteTax for effective tax preparation.
  • Expertise and reliabilityCCH CompleteTax is developed by CCH, a company that tax professionals have relied upon for information since the inception of the income tax in 1913. With intelligence built in, CCH CompleteTax automatically checks for mistakes and oversights and provides direct links to the potential problems for easy, real-time correction .
  • Flexible support options – Based on the belief that help should not be hard to find, CCH CompleteTax’s Help Center offers an easy-to-access one-stop reference for all help features, including navigation aids such as “where do I enter?”, a glossary of tax terms and ready access to the easy-to-understand and fully searchable online Tax Guide.
  • Above-and-beyond state tax resources – CCH C ompleteTax supports tax preparation and filing for all 44 states that allow electronic filing. Setting itself apart, CCH CompleteTax offers extensive state tax support, including State Tax Resource pages for each state, providing taxpayers easy access to answers to any questions they may have about their particular state tax return.
  • Automated Schedule D for investors via GainsKeeper – For taxpayers managing investments, CCH CompleteTax is compatible with GainsKeeper and offers automated solutions for calculating capital gains and other investment information which can be imported directly into CCH CompleteTax for income tax reporting.
  • Fast refund optionsCCH CompleteTax’s e-filing option helps make sure taxpayers owed a refund receive it as fast as possible, typically four weeks sooner than those who mail their tax returns; and CCH CompleteTax’s automatic direct deposit option ensures they have even faster access to their refund. With CCH CompleteTax, consumers also have the option of selecting up to three bank accounts, including an IRA or other retirement account, in which to deposit their refund, allowing taxpayers to best allocate the money for their needs.

Special Help for Taxpayers Affected by AMT Changes

While fewer taxpayers will be impacted by the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) due to last-minute changes in the tax code, about 13.5 million taxpayers are expected to be affected by a delay in the IRS’ ability to process five AMT-related tax forms. However, individuals using CCH CompleteTax can complete their returns and submit them, with CompleteTax e-filing as soon as the IRS allows. Additionally, CCH CompleteTax automatically allows filers of the 1040A form and claiming only the child- and dependent-care credit – one of the forms the IRS will be delayed in processing – to use Form 1040 so that they can e-file immediately.

“Many of our customers take the child- and dependent-care credit and they like knowing that CompleteTax has built-in capabilities to ensure they can get their tax return completed and any tax refund as soon as possible,” said Gray.

Pricing and Availability

CCH CompleteTax continues to be among the most affordable online tax prep solutions at just $29.95 for federal and $14.95 for state income tax returns. As always, electronic filing is included at no additional cost. CCH CompleteTax is available beginning this week to prepare and process 2007 tax returns.

About CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business

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