CCH CompleteTax® Delivers Top Value to Do-it-yourself Taxpayers

Low Price, Unsurpassed Tax Expertise Set CompleteTax Apart in Online Tax Preparation and E-filing

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., January 12, 2006)– Starting this week, taxpayers who want to prepare and file their income tax returns online have affordable access to one of the industry’s most authoritative resources – CCH CompleteTax ( from CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business. With even greater functionality and ease of use for 2006, CCH CompleteTax rings in the New Year at the cost of just $24.95 for preparing a federal tax return; adding a state tax return costs just $9.95. E-filing is free for both federal and state returns. In addition, taxpayers can enter the CompleteTax Tax Time Countdown sweepstakes via the site for a chance to win a Bose® home entertainment system or $100® gift certificates.

“Hands down, CCH CompleteTax, from one of the nation’s top tax and accounting authorities, offers the best value for taxpayers who want to work with an industry leader, and who want a service that meets the full range of their needs – including affordability,” said Dave Bergstein, CPA and CCH business development manager.

“We have gone the extra mile to ensure that CompleteTax offers a clear, concise tax preparation solution that’s easy to use, provides a wealth of support resources and allows taxpayers to complete their returns as quickly and accurately as possible,” said Bergstein. “At the same time, we also recognize that consumers can be confounded by the add-on costs charged by many in the tax prep and e-filing market, which is why we are focused on providing the most cost-effective, straightforward and all-around best valued solution possible.”

CCH CompleteTax, which goes live later this week for the 2006 tax filing season, leverages CCH’s market-leading tax law information and software expertise to provide one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, online tax preparation and electronic filing solutions.

The product is offered by the same CCH tax law research and software experts who developed ProSystem fx® Tax, the leading tax preparation software for tax professionals. CompleteTax is capable of supporting tax preparation requirements for both straightforward 1040 filing requirements as well as more complex tax situations that may require multiple forms.

CompleteTax also includes an online Tax Guide produced by the tax and financial experts responsible for the CCH Toolkit Tax Guide 2006, CCH’s authoritative print reference for individual taxpayers. As a special offer, purchasers of the CCH Toolkit Tax Guide 2006 also are eligible to e-file one federal and one state tax return at no charge.

Easy-to-follow Format Means Faster Start to File

CompleteTax’s plain-language questionnaire that customizes itself based on responses to basic questions takes the mystery out of the tax code and saves taxpayers time by focusing only on those areas of the return that are applicable to their particular tax situation. Based on responses to these questions, CompleteTax then selects the appropriate forms from the hundreds of federal and state tax forms available, performs the necessary calculations and populates the return.

For those taxpayers who used CompleteTax last year, the process is even simpler with automatic importing of relevant information from last year’s return. Taxpayers also can import information from several outside sources, including W-2 information from leading payroll processors and employers, further saving time.

Throughout the preparation process, CompleteTax automatically checks for mistakes and oversights and provides direct links to the potential problems for easy, real-time correction. Additionally, taxpayers can work on their returns at their own pace, logging on and off of the secure CompleteTax servers as they choose. CompleteTax’s fully web-enabled functionality also means taxpayers can access and complete their entire tax return online from any computer with Internet access without having to download software to their own computers.

Once completed and reviewed, taxpayers can use CompleteTax to electronically file their completed returns with the IRS and the appropriate state tax agency at no added cost. CompleteTax supports electronic filing for all 44 states that allow it. Taxpayers also can choose to print and mail their returns.

Industry-leading Tax Resources, Support Just a Click Away

CCH has been providing authoritative tax information since the inception of the income tax in 1913 and this expertise is evident throughout CompleteTax, which offers among the most comprehensive and authoritative set of tax reference resources available.

This includes context-sensitive help on every page of the interview questionnaire that offers immediate support to taxpayers as they go through the program. In addition, CompleteTax’s Help Center provides a one-stop reference for all help features, including navigation aids such as “where do I enter?”, a glossary of tax terms and expanded frequently asked questions, as well as fast access to the easy-to-understand and fully searchable online Tax Guide.

Through the CompleteTax Help Center, taxpayers also have access to the most extensive state tax support, including State Tax Resource pages for each state, offering taxpayers easy access to answers for any questions they may have about their particular state tax return. Additionally, the Help Center also includes a comprehensive set of worksheets and tables to help individuals complete their returns, as well as a portfolio of financial calculators and tools that can be used throughout the year to help taxpayers with a variety of personal finance issues, including evaluating investments, home financing, personal financing and retirement options.

CCH’s comprehensive technical support includes e-mail support offered at no charge, as well as live online chat for real-time support for a nominal fee. A Message Center helps taxpayers keep track of any e-mail messages they receive from CompleteTax’s professional support staff, to ensure their e-mail messages are not blocked.

Specialized Help for Investors via GainsKeeper

For investors, CompleteTax is also compatible with GainsKeeper (, which automates complicated capital gains calculations, including cost-basis adjustments such as wash sales and corporate actions (e.g., stock splits, mergers and spin-offs). This information can then easily be imported into CompleteTax for automating the Schedule D and for inclusion with the rest of the user’s tax preparation data.

Options for Faster Refunds

Taxpayers e-filing via CompleteTax can expect to see their refund in less than two weeks compared to the six weeks it can take to receive a refund from a mailed return. Taxpayers can get their refunds cleared and into their savings or checking account even faster using the CompleteTax automatic direct deposit option.

Those owing income tax also have the option to pay the balance due via credit card through a partnership with Official Payments Corporation or, if filing electronically, to pay the balance due on their federal and select state taxes via direct payment from their bank account.

Pricing and Availability

CCH CompleteTax is available starting January 13 to prepare and process 2005 tax returns. The total cost for calculating, preparing and e-filing/printing a federal return is $24.95; the cost for a state return is $9.95, including e-filing where applicable. Payment for the service can be made via credit card or deduction from the filer’s federal tax refund. Users can simply go to to access CompleteTax. Taxpayers can try before they buy, as CompleteTax does not require payment until a return is ready to be e-filed or printed and mailed.

About CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business

CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business ( is a leading provider of tax, audit and accounting information, software and services. It has served tax, accounting and business professionals and their clients since 1913. Among its market-leading products are The ProSystem fx® Office, CCH® Tax Research NetWork™, Accounting Research Manager™ and the U.S. Master Tax Guide®. CCH is based in Riverwoods, Ill.

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