CCH CompleteTax® Offers Time-Saving Features for Fast, Easy Online Tax Filing

Taxpayers Can File Both a Federal and State Return for Low Price of $29.95

(TORRANCE, CALIF., January 16, 2004) – As taxpayers gear up for what promises to be an even more complicated tax season given the hundreds of recent changes to the tax code, CCH INCORPORATED’s CompleteTax ( is ready to help guide them through the process of preparing both their federal and state tax forms, calculate their returns and electronically file them – quickly and with one of the best values in federal and state solutions on the market.

CompleteTax, which went live today for the 2004 tax return season, taps CCH’s market-leading tax law information and software expertise to provide one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, online tax preparation and electronic filing solutions. The product is offered by the same CCH tax and software experts who develop ProSystem fx® Tax, the leading tax preparation software for tax professionals. It also includes an online tax guide produced by the tax and financial experts responsible for the CCH Toolkit Tax Guide 2004™, CCH’s authoritative print reference for individual and small business taxpayers. Additionally, in partnership with CCH GainsKeeper, the leading tax-lot accounting service, CompleteTax offers individual investors a means for automating completion of complex Schedule D calculations – a feature that could prove particularly useful to taxpayers trying to make sense of the 2003 mid-year change in capital gains and dividend rates.

"CompleteTax is the solution of choice for ‘do-it-yourself’ filers seeking a thorough online tax prep and filing tool that remains economical and easy to use," said Tax and Accounting President Kevin Robert. "We’ve strengthened the ease of use and depth of expertise built into our product so that individuals with both simple and complex tax situations can rely on CompleteTax for fast and accurate completion of their tax returns."

The low CompleteTax price of $29.95 allows taxpayers to file one federal and one state tax return.

"The value cannot be matched," said Robert. "No similar product on the market delivers the authority, ease of use and dependability at such a great price."

Easy Navigation and Format Makes for Fast Completion

With an improved layout and easy-to-follow instructions, CompleteTax is easier to use than ever. CompleteTax customizes itself based on responses to simple interview questions, so filers only need to enter information relevant to their tax situation. CompleteTax then selects the appropriate forms – from Schedule A to Form 1040EZ and hundreds of other state and federal tax forms and schedules, as well as worksheets. The tool then performs the necessary calculations, automatically checks for mistakes and oversights and, new for 2004, provides the taxpayer with direct links to the potential problems for easy, real-time correction.

After the taxpayer has reviewed and approved the completed return, CompleteTax can electronically file the return with the IRS and the appropriate state tax agency. CompleteTax supports electronic filing for all 44 states that allow it. Taxpayers also can choose to print and mail their returns if they prefer. CompleteTax also saves taxpayers’ returns on its secured servers and allows them year-round access to print their prior year’s tax return for future reference.

With CompleteTax, taxpayers can start and finish their return at their convenience and, because CompleteTax is fully web-enabled, taxpayers can access and complete their entire return online from any computer with Internet access without having to download software to their own computers.

Extensive Tax Reference Tools and Support

Along with context-sensitive help on every page of the interview questionnaire, CompleteTax’s new Help Center combines all help features in a single convenient location, including navigation aids such as "where do I enter", a glossary of tax terms and expanded frequently asked questions. Online technical support is offered both through email as well as via a real-time chat room for on-the-spot support. A nominal fee is required for chat support.

New for 2004, CompleteTax includes State Tax Resource pages for each state, offering taxpayers easy access to answers to any questions they may have about their particular state tax return.

From the Help Center, taxpayers also have fast access to the easy to understand and fully searchable online Tax Guide. The Help Center also includes a comprehensive set of worksheets and tables to help individuals complete their returns, as well as a portfolio of financial calculators and tools that can be used throughout the year to help taxpayers with a variety of personal finance issues, including evaluating investment, home financing, personal financing and retirement options.

Automating Schedule D for Investors

Taxpayers can choose to use CCH GainsKeeper ( to automate capital gains and loss calculations, including cost-basis adjustments such as wash sales and corporate actions (e.g., stock splits, mergers and spin-offs). Additionally, GainsKeeper automatically accounts for the mid-year reduction in long-term capital gain rates that requires taxpayers to separately identify long-term gains and losses realized after May 5, 2003. GainsKeeper calculates the investor’s gains and losses and creates the completed Schedule D, which can easily be imported into CompleteTax for inclusion with the rest of the user’s tax preparation data. A one-year subscription to GainsKeeper starts for as little as $49.

Fast Refund Options

As an authorized IRS e-File provider, CompleteTax makes e-filing fast and easy. Taxpayers can get their refunds even faster using CompleteTax’s automatic direct deposit option, which can provide refunds within two weeks compared to the six weeks it can take to receive a refund from a mailed return.

Taxpayers owing income tax also have the option of paying the balance due via credit card. Those filing electronically can also pay the balance due on their federal and select state taxes via direct payment from their bank account.

Pricing and Availability

CompleteTax is available immediately to prepare and process 2003 tax returns. The total cost for calculating, preparing and e-filing/printing both the federal and state returns is $29.95. New for 2004, taxpayers can elect to deduct the processing fee for CompleteTax from their federal refund rather than pay via credit card.

Special Offers

* Free Preparation and E-Filing for CCH Toolkit Tax Guide 2004 Buyers Taxpayers will especially benefit by using CompleteTax in conjunction with the CCH Toolkit Tax Guide 2004 print reference (available online at www.toolkit.cch.comand through major booksellers beginning January 2004). Buyers of the book can also file both a federal and state return through CompleteTax at no charge.

* Free Filing for Low Income Taxpayers – CCH is a member of the Free File Alliance and is participating in the IRS initiative to make free online tax preparation and electronic filing services available to 60 percent – or 78 million – individual taxpayers. As part of this initiative, qualified low-income individuals will be able to use CompleteTax to both prepare and file their tax returns at no charge.


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