CCH Link Express™, Calendar, Enhance Tax Reasearch NetWork

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., July 22, 2003) – A tool to create direct links to tax research documents and an enhanced tax calendar are the latest enhancements to the Tax Research NetWork from CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax information and software (

CCH Link Express™lets users create links to any library, any publication and any page in CCH Tax Research NetWork with a single click. All you need to do is go to the location on Tax Research NetWork and click a button to generate the link. You can insert these links into any Microsoft Word document, e-mail or web site. With a simple HTML editor such as Microsoft FrontPage, you can even create workspaces for each group in your organization - saving users from having to log in and find the document they need time after time.

Link Express is simple to understand and simple to use, but it has many applications:

  • Link Express is the perfect tool for building collections of links on specific topics - for clients or for an entire practice area of a firm - which then can be placed on an intranet site.
  • Users can enhance documents using Link Express by pasting links that go directly to Tax Research NetWork pages into their word-processing documents or spreadsheets. Colleagues receiving the documents simply click on the link to view the same research pages.
  • Co-workers can share and discuss tax news by e-mailing links of the latest tax news developments to other Tax Research NetWork subscribers.
  • Link Express can also save Tax Research NetWork documents to users’ desktops or browser Favorites. A user might, for example, create a link to a rate table and place it on the desktop for one-click access to frequently needed information.

"If a regular citation is a signpost, Link Express is a limousine that picks people up and takes them exactly where they want to go with minimum effort," said Marcia Suelzer, product manager in CCH’s Federal and State Tax Group.

Calendar Shows, Exports Federal and State Due Dates

In another enhancement, the CCH Tax Research NetWork’s Tax Calendar now can show both federal and state tax dates in a single display. Users can create multiple calendars, choose which tax types and jurisdictions they want displayed on each calendar, save calendars to their CCH Favorites list or export the due dates to a Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop calendar program.

The Tax Calendar automatically adjusts due dates falling on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday forward to the next business day. Dates can be adjusted for fiscal year taxpayers by selecting the appropriate ending month of the tax year. Return due dates are displayed in a traditional calendar format or as a list. An optional client name may be added to further customize the display.

"This is a great way for practitioners to effortlessly create, retrieve and share important due-date information with their clients," Suelzer said.


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