GainsKeeper® Pro from CCH Tax Compliance Automates Client Portfolio Management

(TORRANCE, CA., June 19, 2003) – CCH Tax Compliance, a leading supplier of software for tax and accounting professionals, today announced the availability of GainsKeeper® Pro, an online portfolio management solution developed specifically for tax professionals. GainsKeeper Pro combines the powerful portfolio tracking features of GainsKeeper with The ProSystem fx Office suite of tax and accounting workflow tools to offer full integration with ProSystem fx Tax, Planning, Site Builder and Tax Notebook, the industry’s first online tax organizer.

"GainsKeeper Pro not only enhances the relationships tax professionals have with their clients, it also links the professional with their clients’ financial data to save them much time and effort," said Mike Sabbatis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CCH Tax Compliance. "Add to that the seamless integration with the ProSystem fx Office suite, and the benefits are enormous."

"Many investors assume that good cost basis record-keeping is the responsibility of their brokerage firm, but few of the top brokerage firms are able to provide this service," noted Bob Dias, Director of Marketing for CCH Tax Compliance. "GainsKeeper Pro automates the entire process, from tracking trades to populating the client’s tax return with Schedule D data, allowing professionals to spend more time providing wealth-building and money-saving advice."

Professionals can use GainsKeeper Pro to create and maintain individual client accounts or to link to their clients’ existing individual GainsKeeper accounts. When they create GainsKeeper accounts for their clients, professionals can effortlessly populate the accounts with pre-defined imports from over 30 brokerage companies. ASCII and Excel imports are also supported.

GainsKeeper Pro provides the ability to share access to specific client portfolios, and to analyze and prepare individual gain/loss reports for each client portfolio, depending on the specific tax filing needs of their clients. Best of all, gain and loss information from the sale of investments can be imported directly into ProSystem fx Tax, dramatically reducing input time while increasing productivity.

Integration features also include the ability to import data into ProSystem fx Planning, as well as Tax Notebook, CCH’s online tax organizer.

Modules Track, Advise on Trades

GainsKeeper Pro contains two modules: GainsTracker and GainsAdvisor.

The GainsTracker module is a sophisticated portfolio tracking system that includes automated wash sale processing, customizable reports and automated tracking of corporate actions such as stock splits, liquidations, mergers, reorganizations, stock dividends, name changes, spin offs and returns of capital.

With the GainsAdvisor module, clients or professionals can generate pre-trade analyses so they know the implications of buys and sells before the trade is executed. The module identifies simple trading opportunities that minimize clients’ capital gains taxes and therefore maximizes after-tax returns. It includes year-end tax minimization tools such as 'Sell Grades,' which identify optimal lots to sell first.

"That means more money in a client’s pocket on an after-tax basis," Dias noted.

The GainsAdvisor module also helps maintain investment objectives with asset allocation tools (including charts and graphs), diversification tools; rebalancing strategies and comparative fundamental analysis.

Availability and Pricing

For more information on GainsKeeper Pro, call 1-800-PFX-9998 or visit

The price for a one-year GainsKeeper Pro license is $495 and includes an Administrator Console, 3 GainsKeeper Investor Licenses (which include 100 transactions per license period), and 1 GainsKeeper Trader License (which includes 1,000 transactions per license period). Additional GainsKeeper Investor licenses are $49 each; additional GainsKeeper Trader licenses are $149 each.

About CCH Tax Compliance

CCH Tax Compliance, headquartered in Torrance, Calif., is a leading supplier of software for tax and accounting professionals. Its ProSystem fx Office is a powerful, integrated suite that includes modules for tax compliance, tax planning, trial balance, fixed assets, practice management, paperless tax and audit engagements, outsourcing, and web site development. They also offer CompleteTax Pro, an online tax preparation partner program. The ProSystem fx web site can be accessed at, while the CCH tax and accounting web site can be accessed at CCH Tax Compliance is a Wolters Kluwer company.

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