Performance Plans Module, Enhanced Capabilities Featured In CCH SEC Compliance Desktop Version 4.0

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., January 29, 2002) – CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of securities and business law information and software, has added a Performance Plans module for managing Long-Term Incentive Plans (LTIP) to its SEC Compliance Desktop and has added new capabilities for importing, exporting and managing data. (To order or for more information, contact your CCH Sales Representative at 1-888-224-7377 or visit

According to CCH Securities Marketing Manager Janeen Kopale, the new Performance Plans module is designed to eliminate unnecessary, duplicative effort in administering plans that award shares, cash or some combination of them to top executives based on the achievement of stated corporate goals.

"The Performance Plans module adds to the breadth of the SEC Compliance Desktop," Kopale said. "In addition to administering Performance Plans themselves, it allows integration and sharing of information with other modules dealing, for example, with Section 16 compliance. The end result is a system that makes use of good design to minimize drudgery but at the same time ensures compliance and shares useful information to interested parties inside and outside of the company."

In addition, the CCH SEC Compliance Desktop Performance Plans Module:

  • Supports performance plan payouts in the form of shares, cash, cash and shares or restricted stock.

  • Provides an intuitive data entry process that is easy to learn and use.

  • Limits access to authorized users through built-in security features.

  • Performs automatic validation checks on timing and volume restrictions if rules would be violated.

  • Can convert award payout transactions into Section 16 transactions and automatically flow information to Forms 3, 4 and 5 (if separate Section 16 module is purchased).

  • Generates reports and supporting documents.

  • Permits creation of hypothetical, "what if" transactions.

Software Employs "Managers"

As with other modules of the CCH SEC Compliance Desktop, the software eliminates unnecessary repetition in data entry, performs validation checks and contains extensive filtering options to create a wide variety of views and reports.

A series of "managers" organizes data by categories, allowing efficient entry of new data and quick generation of reports by use of multiple filters. There are managers for Persons, Tax Rates, Plans and so on.

New with Version 4.0 of the SEC Compliance Desktop software is the "Termination Manager." The Manager automatically handles all necessary recordkeeping for all relevant plans and transactions when someone leaves a company for any reason – voluntarily, involuntarily or through retirement. The system automatically asks for necessary information, depending on the modules in use. The Desktop maintains a database of terminated persons, and gives administrators the capability of reversing terminations.

Import, Export Enhanced

Also new with Version 4.0 of the SEC Compliance Desktop are expanded capabilities for importing and exporting information. Version 4.0 supports the import of additional fields for all modules, such as tax rate begin and end dates, Social Security numbers and employee numbers.

The new Export feature allows users to create custom templates based on the specifications of the target system. This makes it easier to transmit data to other departments within a company or to outside entities such as brokers or transfer agents. Once created, templates can be called up and used repeatedly whenever the need to share the data recurs.

Features Save Time, Ensure Accuracy

As with all modules of the SEC Compliance Desktop, the software becomes "smarter" the more it is used. Once a piece of information is entered, it doesn’t have to be entered again when a new transaction has to be recorded. Instead, the data already in the system is called up instantly and entered on new reporting forms. There are also pick lists designed into the system wherever possible to speed data entry and extensive error-checking to minimize the possibility of mistakes.

A security feature allows the administrator to control levels of user access. This gives the organization the ability to spread the different functions of the administration across different users or even across different departments.

Availability and Pricing

All modules in the CCH SEC Compliance Desktop are priced individually to allow maximum flexibility, and discounts apply when multiple modules are purchased.

Other SEC Compliance Desktop modules include:

  • Section 16 Insider Reporting Module

  • Options Module

  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan Module

  • Edgarizing Module

  • SEC Forms Module, featuring over 160 interactive forms and instructions

In addition to an online tutorial and extensive, context-sensitive help, the subscription price includes on-site or telephone training, all customer service calls and all updates. For complete pricing information, contact your CCH Sales Representative at 888 CCH REPS (1-888-224-7377) or visit


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