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ePaceENGAGEMENTTM 2.0 Adds Administrator Module, Enhances Functionality

(TORRANCE, CA., December 17, 2001) – Accounting firms will find it easier to move to paperless audit and tax engagements with the release of version 2.0 of ePaceENGAGEMENTTM, from CCH Tax Compliance. This new release features an Administrator’s module and dozens of other new capabilities that enhance ePaceENGAGEMENT’s unique ability to support familiar working habits with advanced software.

"With ePaceENGAGEMENT, accounting teams can work efficiently with electronic workpapers organized in electronic binders. The software mirrors the engagement's physical workflow and offers the latest technology to facilitate simultaneous access to workpapers and review notes," said, Bob Dias, senior marketing manager, ProSystem fx Office.

Familiar Concepts and Formats

ePaceENGAGEMENT uses the familiar concept of a central file room to hold binders containing documents in the familiar Microsoft Word and Excel formats. Workflow management tools allow users to obtain online sign-offs by both preparer and reviewer, as well as create, respond to and clear various types of notes.

New with Release 2.0 is an Administrator module that enhances security and eases administration of the central file room. Among other things, a firm member with Administrator rights can create staff groups, assign staff members to staff groups, assign rights to staff groups, change passwords and unlock read-only files.

Flexibility is Key

Release 2.0 also allows Users to assign items to account classes and ratio classes and create quick views of net income and account types. New drill-down functions allow users to click on workpaper references to jump between referenced workpapers and click on trial balance links to view the accounts included in the link.

Users can now also select alternative views of engagement workpapers. In addition to the default Binder View, users can select views that include only open notes, only notes that have been signed off on or a view including only the workpapers they are working on.

Teams can control the order of account group and sub-group lists in their binders – choosing, for example, whether account group A will be followed by account group B or account group AA. Team members can now define their own tickmarks and import graphics for use as tickmarks. They can also directly synchronize their binders in the field, as well as through the central file room.

Wizards Automate Tasks

Three new "wizards" stand ready to make life even easier for users of Release 2.0. The Consolidation Wizard rolls up the trial balances of companies in a consolidated group. The Finalize Binder Wizard makes it easy to make sure that all workpapers have been signed off on and all issues or notes have been resolved, then puts the binder in its final form and changes it to read-only status. The Roll Forward Binder Wizard allows the administrator to make any desired changes – such as assigning a new team to the next engagement, inserting an updated checklist or designating a new tax year – and then roll the entire binder forward with a single click.

Release 2.0 also supports more extensive importing, exporting and sharing of files and data within binders and with other applications and users. Support for object linking and embedding between workpapers helps ensure consistency.

A "Publish Workpaper" function allows copies of workpapers to be shared with clients or others with all data intact. Support for various types of file formats has been enhanced, so any Windows file, including pdf files, can be imported and read in ePaceENGAGEMENT.

For More Information

For more information on ePaceENGAGEMENT, visit or call 1-800-PFX-9998.


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