Leading Aviation Experts Focus On Coming Change In New CCH Journal

 (RIVERWOODS, ILL., May 23, 2001) - CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of business and regulatory law information, has introduced a new journal covering emerging and pivotal topics in civil aviation as seen through the eyes of top policy makers and industry leaders. CCH Issues in Aviation Law and Policy covers both domestic and international aviation issues and provides expert insight and stimulating debate on a wide range of legal, business and political trends. ($200. To order, or for more information, call 800-449-6435 or visit http://onlinestore.cch.com.)

"No other source delivers such insight to the important trends and developments in aviation law," notes CCH Business and Finance Group Marketing Manager Sharon Schlatterer. "Issues in Aviation Law and Policy takes aviation research beyond traditional resources and provides sophisticated discussion of issues affecting and influencing the future of business, government and social policy in civil aviation worldwide."

Comprehensive Coverage of Crucial Aviation Issues

Designed to broaden awareness and discussion of aviation law trends in government, business, research and academic communities, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy examines the building market, regulatory and legislative forces that are thrusting the airline industry into a new era.

Using a policy-driven approach led by Editor in Chief Governor Gerald L. Baliles, the new reference covers a complete range of domestic and international aviation issues, with informed and provocative debate.

Infrastructure concerns are the focus of the inaugural issue of Aviation Law and Policy, with articles from industry leaders examining if statistics alone should be used to drive air safety efforts; the long-term implications of closing the infrastructure-demand gap; and the need for a new, privatized air traffic control institution.

In future issues, subscribers will be kept apprised on what aviation movers and shakers are planning in such areas as:

Alliances, Globalization, Antitrust
Regulatory Safety, Liability
Privatization of Air Traffic Control and Airports
International Agreements and Standards
Bilateral, Plurilateral and Multilateral Solutions – Public and Private
Capacity, Safety, and the Environment
Cross-Border Airline Ownership
Satellite Navigation
Environmental Concerns and Aviation Growth

While comprehensive in coverage, Issues in Aviation Law and Policy is structured for ease of use. The main body of this loose-leaf reference is organized into broad subject areas. An additional special tab division contains abstracts of each article, making a quick but detailed review possible. Other research and finding aids, along with a detailed topical index, also are included.

About the Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief Gerald L. Baliles is a partner at the law firm of Hunton & Williams and is the former Governor of Virginia. He served under President Clinton as chair of the National Commission to Ensure a Strong and Competitive Airline Industry ("Baliles Commission"), and assisted the U.S. in negotiating an "open skies" air transport agreement with Japan. Governor Baliles has also worked to increase airline competition through the creation of strategic alliances and to promote aviation growth through the settlement of international differences over aircraft noise certification standards and noise-based restrictions.

Availability and Pricing

An annual subscription to the loose-leaf journal with semi-annual updates is $200, plus applicable tax, shipping and handling. For more information, or to order, call 800-449-6435 or visit http://onlinestore.cch.com.


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