New Book From CCH Details E-business Finance Strategies

 (RIVERWOODS, ILL., May 9, 2001) – With the reversals in the public market for the securities of many dot-com companies, rounding up funds for a prospective e-business has become a serious, and often difficult, undertaking. To help businesses and their professional advisors secure the resources needed to turn e-business planning concepts into profitable enterprises, CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax information and software, has published Cyberfinance: Raising Capital for the E-Business by Martin B. Robins, J.D. (430 pages, $79. To order, call CCH at 1-800-248-3248 or visit the CCH online store at

"People are no longer showering money on companies just because they have ‘dot-com’ in their names; however, funds are available for good business models that are well executed," said Joe Gornick, Executive Editor of CCH’s Federal and State Tax Book Group.

Cyberfinance is a definitive resource for professional advisors to e-businesses, venture capitalists, financial institutions, individual investors, as well as current and aspiring e-business owners and managers themselves.

Author Robins explores the tax, financial and legal considerations that must be addressed to get and keep new Internet-driven companies up and running. In practical and straightforward language, Cyberfinance examines the pertinent resources, processes and techniques and interpersonal dynamics associated with the raising of capital for e-businesses.

Relates Finance Needs to Business Development, Choice of Entity

Robins explains capital-raising sources and procedures in detail and lays out the unique financing concerns associated with each of the three main stages of business development–start-up, growth and late-stage capital raising and harvesting, such as an initial public offering and/or sale of the company.

While the focus is on obtaining financing for e-business ventures, Robins also explores the many tax and legal considerations in entity selection and organization with an emphasis on their impact on the capital-raising process, as well as the corporate and securities law requirements and challenges for e-businesses. This creates a context in which the financing issues and techniques can be understood in their relation to the legal framework.

Cyberfinance: Raising Capital for the E-Business is organized in seven easy-to-follow chapters:

    • Introduction to the E-Business
    • Choice of Entity—Laying the Foundation for the Capital-Raising Process
    • Implications of the Securities Laws
    • Capital Raising for the Early-Stage Company
    • Capital Raising for Growth
    • A Note on the Accounting Process
    • Later-stage Capital Raising and Capital Harvesting

Cyberfinance discusses in detail the implications of the recent market reversals. Also distinguishing it from other works in the area is the book’s breadth. This comprehensive guide addresses all of the major business and legal considerations impacting the e-business financing process and includes significant analysis of the major non-legal interpersonal factors that are likely to be encountered at each stage of the process.

Also included is a helpful appendix of practice tools that provide the practitioner with conceptualized aids to assist in planning and decision making. Such aids include sample documents, forms and charts.

 About the Author

Martin B. Robins is an attorney who specializes in business transactions with an emphasis on business start-ups, financings and technology-related issues. Robins holds a J.D. from Harvard University and a business degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has written many articles for legal and business journals on business and financial issues.

Availability and Pricing

For more information or to purchase the 430–page Cyberfinance: Raising Capital for the E-Business, contact CCH at 1-800-248-3248 or visit the CCH online store at Single-copy price is $79 plus applicable tax, shipping and handling. Quantity discounts and school adoption pricing are available.


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