First-ever Guidebook On Lobbying The FCC Provides Insight, Advice By Leading Communications Lawyers

(WASHINGTON, D.C., April 23, 2001) – Since its creation in 1934 to oversee the broadcasting, telephone and telegraph industries, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has developed into one of the nation’s most influential and far-reaching regulatory agencies. With this growth, an ever-increasing number of business, legal and financial professionals struggle to understand the FCC’s structure, organizational dynamics and decision-making procedures. To meet these needs, Telecommunications Reports International (TRI), the nation’s leading independent publisher of telecom news and analysis, has released a new reference book, FCC Lobbying: A Handbook of Insider Tips and Practical Advice. ($199 in print, $179 on the Internet. To order or for more information, call 800-822-6388 or visit You can also visit to review book Forward, Introduction, Table of Contents and more.)

This unprecedented new reference, written by three of the nation’s top communications lobbyists, is a complete how-to guide to lobbying the FCC. It addresses the needs of policy and legal professionals who must track and lobby the FCC or need a refresher course on strategy and tactics.

"Today’s policy, business and technological issues are forcing more communications industry professionals into a need-to-know posture on the Commission and its procedures," said TRI Publisher Stephen Munro. "Those who were never concerned about the FCC are now compelled to stand up and take action."

CEOs, lawyers, lobbyists, citizens’ groups, government executives and those who handle government relations for start-ups or well-established companies will find in this new book a wealth of information that can be put to use immediately.

New Era of Policy and Regulation Creates Need for Handbook

As the political landscape in Washington changes following the federal elections, a new era of political and regulatory initiatives follows. Top-level turnover at the FCC, led by the appointment of Michael K. Powell to head the Commission, the appointment of new cabinet officials and the overhaul of congressional committee assignments bring further uncertainty to the already volatile telecom industry.

"Demands placed on the FCC to regulate communications in a global information economy are continually expanding. To keep pace, the agency must reinvent itself and the way it governs interstate and international communications by telephone, TV, radio, wire, satellite and cable," said Erwin G. Krasnow, co-author of FCC Lobbying: A Handbook of Insider Tips and Practical Advice. "We created the Handbook to arm you with time-tested strategies to advance your position, respond to queries, avoid procedural mishaps and best your competition."

Krasnow and the book’s co-authors, David R. Siddall and Michael D. Berg, are members of the communications practice of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson and Hand - the lobbying law firm Fortune magazine ranked as the best in the nation.

Single Resource Demystifies FCC Structure, Procedural Complexities

Although FCC procedures are complex, FCC Lobbying: A Handbook of Insider Tips and Practical Advice aims to simplify. Its easy-to-use format lets readers use chapters as stand-alone resources, target special topics of interest and formulate plans to address specific circumstances.

Drawing on their decades of experience working inside and lobbying the FCC, Krasnow, Siddall and Berg examine the Commission’s legal framework and underpinnings. They share lessons from personal experience on how to use the rules to advance your company or organizational objectives.

From the strategic to the practical, this how-to guide covers everything from how to develop your lobbying strategy to how to time your request for a meeting and how to make the most of every action you take.

Through interviews with current and former FCC commissioners and staff, you’ll find out what FCC officials want, what they expect and what causes a positive or negative reaction.

"If your business has any dealings with the Federal Communications Commission, you need this book. Even I learned a thing or two from these pages," notes former FCC Chairman William E. Kennard in his foreword to the book.

Availability and Pricing

For more information or to order FCC Lobbying: A Handbook of Insider Tips and Practical Advice, visit or call 800-822-6388. FCC Lobbying is $199 in print and $179 on the Internet. Applicable state sales tax and shipping and handling apply. For group and bookstore sales, contact Yvonne Miller at 202-312-6075.

About the Authors

Erwin G. Krasnow, chair of Verner Liipfert's Communications Practice Group, formerly was senior vice president and general counsel for the National Association of Broadcasters and was administrative assistant to the late Rep. Torbert H. MacDonald, chairman of the House Communications and Power Subcommittee. Mr. Krasnow is co-author of The Politics of Broadcast Regulation. Legal Times has described him as the "dean of the Washington communications bar."

David R. Siddall, partner with Verner Liipfert’s Communications Practice Group, served at the highest policy levels of the FCC as legal adviser to FCC Commissioner Susan Ness. He was chief of FCC spectrum policy and assistant chief of the FCC’s Mass Media Bureau.

Michael D. Berg, partner with Verner Liipfert’s Communications Practice Group, formerly was an attorney with the FCC’s Broadcast Bureau and senior associate general counsel of the National Association of Broadcasters. Mr. Berg is a 19-year veteran of FCC lobbying for private- and public-sector clients and has practiced communications law and policy for a quarter century.

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