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New Booklet From CCH Offers Clear, Concise Explanation Of New Retirement Distribution Rules

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., February 28, 2001) - Many taxpayers can benefit from the new required minimum distribution rules put forth by the IRS in January, if they understand the new retirement savings plan rules and take action now. To help advisers work effectively with their clients to make the right retirement planning decisions, CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax and pension law information, has published Retirement Savings Plans: Taking Advantage of the New Minimum Distribution Rules. The booklet is a layperson's guide to the new retirement plan rules, explaining in clear and concise language how the new minimum distribution rules work and how taxpayers can take advantage of their many new benefits. ($7. For more information or to order call 1-800-248-3248 or visit Quantity discounts available.)

"Cutting through the complexity of pages and pages of regulatory material, this easy-to-read booklet lays out in one place what advisers and their clients need to know to make timely and informed retirement plan distribution decisions," said Gail Portugal, federal tax marketing manager.

Timely Tool for Professionals

In today's world of sophisticated tax planning and client-adviser collaboration in plan development and the potentially huge retirement plan dollars involved, taxpayers need to understand the fundamental rules to evaluate their minimum distribution requirements with their professional advisors. Retirement Savings Plans: Taking Advantage of the New Minimum Distribution Rules is an attractive and helpful booklet that is a great tool for advisers and firms who want to provide substantive, clear information to their clients. The new booklet is ideal for study and distribution by a wide range of professionals and institutions – including accountants, financial planners, lawyers, enrolled agents, benefit plan specialists, banks, brokerage houses and others.

The brand new 48-page guide offers a generous number of examples that help all readers understand the basic new rules and how their individual circumstances are affected. And, this plain-English booklet goes the extra mile to explain some of the complexities in enough detail to help the reader become a better consumer of professional advice.

Information You and Your Clients Can Use

The IRS published new guidelines in January 2001 that radically change the restrictive rules governing minimum distributions from retirement savings plans, including IRAs, 401(k) plans, profit-sharing plans, pension plans, 403(b) tax-sheltered annuities and 457 plans. Required minimum distributions will now often be much lower, required withdrawals will be simpler to calculate, and beneficiaries may now be changed up until the date of death and even beyond.

Under the new rules, many taxpayers can save thousands of dollars in income taxes, accumulate a greater amount of tax-deferred earnings because less money has to be paid out each year and more money can stay in their accounts accumulating additional income.

But, critical to making the most of the complex new rules is being able to communicate about them effectively. Retirement Savings Plans: Taking Advantage of the New Minimum Distribution Rules provides straightforward explanation of the new rules and how taxpayers can benefit from them. Offering comprehensive coverage, in a clear and concise writing style, the booklet covers:

  • New Rules Simpler and Less Restrictive
    Who Benefits from the New Rules
  • Retirement Distributions Easier to Calculate
    What Is a "Required Minimum Distribution?"
    What Is a "Required Beginning Date?"
    What the New Rules Do Not Change
  • Greater Options for Your Heirs
    Distributions Now Tied to Your Beneficiaries' Life Expectancies
    Trusts as Beneficiaries
    Beneficiaries Are Easier to Change
  • Provisions for Special Retirement Situations
    Annuity Distributions from Defined Benefit Plans
    Roth IRA Conversions
    Spousal Inherited IRAs
    Delaying Distributions
    Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

The helpful guide also covers new IRS reporting requirements and effective dates.

"Planning professionals and laypersons alike will find Retirement Savings Plans: Taking Advantage of the New Minimum Distribution Rules to be an invaluable guide to understanding, and making the most of, the new minimum distribution rules," said Portugal.

Availability and Pricing

Retirement Savings Plans: Taking Advantage of the New Minimum Distribution Rules will be available beginning the week of March 12. For more information or to order the 48-page book, contact CCH at 1-800-248-3248 or visit the CCH online store at Single copy price is $7 plus applicable tax, shipping and handling. Quantity discounts and school adoption pricing are available.


CCH INCORPORATED, headquartered in Riverwoods, Ill., was founded in 1913 and has served four generations of business professionals and their clients. The company produces more than 700 electronic and print products for the tax, legal, securities, insurance, human resources, health care and small business markets. CCH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer North America. The CCH web site can be accessed at The CCH Federal and State Tax Group web site can be accessed at

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EDITORS NOTE: For members of the press, a complimentary review copy of Retirement Savings Plans: Taking Advantage of the New Minimum Distribution Rules is available by contacting: Leslie Bonacum, 824-267-7153 or  


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