CCH State Unfair Trade Practices Law Helps Meet Challenge Of State Law Compliance

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., October 5, 2000) – From pawnshops to major business suppliers, insurance companies to makers of faulty tires, almost every business runs the risk of being sued under state unfair trade practices laws (SUTP), putting both the financial health and good reputation of a company in jeopardy. But for companies doing business in multiple states, keeping up with diverse and ever-changing unfair trade practices laws is a considerable challenge.

To help companies avoid losses that can devastate their business, CCH INCORPORATED (CCH) has introduced State Unfair Trade Practices Law, delivering authoritative coverage across 50 states in a monthly-updated, loose-leaf guide. ($595. To order or for more information, visit or contact your CCH Sales Representative at 1-888-224-7377.)

CCH, a leading provider of trade regulation and business law information, is the publisher of the nation’s leading antitrust and trade regulation law service, CCH Trade Regulation Reports.

"Companies that do business in multiple states need to understand the laws that apply to them in order to avoid costly litigation, as well as maintain a competitive advantage within the legal parameters set by a state," said CCH Trade Regulation Publisher John W. Arden, JD, LLM. "They also need to know how to use these laws in disputes with other companies.

Attorneys who specialize in consumer, unfair trade or deceptive practices law, as well as corporate counsel for companies that may be targets for suits, will find State Unfair Trade Practices Law to be an invaluable resource," Arden added. "This single volume offers comprehensive coverage across all states in one place allowing you to quickly access and compare SUTP laws in multiple jurisdictions."

Comprehensive Coverage, Easy Access Across States

While SUTP laws, also known as "little FTC Acts", were originally intended to be an individual consumer's basic remedy against any unfair or deceptive trade practices by a business, many state statutes have been expanded to protect businesses who are also consumers in business-to-business transactions. As the remedy becomes more widely available and more broadly applied, businesses need a comprehensive, authoritative source of information that provides fast answers.

State Unfair Trade Practices Law includes the full text of all state laws, state-by-state summaries and full-text court decisions, as well as features expert explanation and analysis of the law.

  • Explanations: Topically arranged explanations cover a wide range of key legal issues including:

Types of State Unfair Trade Practices Acts
Elements of a Violation
Applicability and Exceptions Specific Businesses
Activities Subject to Special Rules
Standing to Sue, Class Actions, Statutes of Limitations

  • State-by-State Summaries: Each summary contains analysis and cited authority on the following issues:

Substantive Statutory Prohibition
Scope of Statute
Prohibited Activities
Exemptions and Defenses
Federal Precedent
Settlement Requirements
Statute of Limitations
Private Rights and Remedies
Public Rights and Remedies
Administrative Rules

  • State Laws: Includes the full text of state unfair trade practices laws.
  • Pending Legislation: Provides summaries and status of pending state legislation.
  • New Developments: Includes full-text reporting of court decisions interpreting the laws, state enforcement actions and legislative proposals.

Monthly updates ensure that subscribers are informed about important new developments that may affect their business. Updates include text of new and amended laws, recent court decisions, a list of pending legislation and a newsletter highlighting the latest changes and developments. The newsletter is an excellent vehicle to route throughout an office to make colleagues aware of current developments in the field.

Availability and Pricing

For more information or to subscribe to State Unfair Trade Practices Law, contact your CCH representative at 1-888-CCH-REPS (1-888-224-7377) or visit A one-year subscription is $595 plus tax, shipping and handling.


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