New CCH Guide Helps Insurance Providers Pass The Market Conduct Challenge

 (RIVERWOODS, ILL., March 21, 2000) – Market conduct examinations (MCEs) are on the rise, and so are the number of fines and penalties being assessed for non-compliance with insurance regulatory requirements. To help those in the insurance business navigate the complex regulatory landscape and minimize the risk of missteps, CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of financial services and insurance law information, has introduced The Market Conduct Examination Guide: Principles in Managing Market Conduct Examinations. (309 pages, $239. To order call 1-800-248-3248, or order online at

The valuable, step-by-step Guide from CCH covers everything professionals need to know and do to "pass" a market conduct examination, as well as minimize the high cost of noncompliance by avoiding sanctions and keeping consumer confidence in their organization strong.

"Professionals in the insurance business today are challenged by increasingly complex regulatory requirements and intense scrutiny from enforcement authorities. The Market Conduct Examination Guide is a single-source reference that offers clear, authoritative and practical guidance to help professionals protect their organization’s reputation and bottom line," noted CCH Banking and Finance Group marketing manager Linda Lev.

When Regulators Come Calling, Will Your Market Conduct Pass the Test?

More and more, market conduct examinations are being used by state insurance regulators to ensure compliance with state requirements governing the fair treatment of consumers with respect to marketing, licensing, rates, underwriting, claims and competitive trade practices. And, regardless of an organization’s track record, any number of considerations can lead to being selected for a market conduct examination.

Whatever the reason, however, notice of an impending MCE doesn’t have to be bad news. With the expert insight and guidance of The Market Conduct Examination Guide: Principles in Managing Market Conduct Examinations, organizations can successfully manage the process—and contain the high costs—of an examination.

Expert Insight, Practical Guidance

Providing both tactical and strategic guidance, this authoritative, loose-leaf handbook provides techniques, protocols and procedures that can be used immediately to prepare for, structure and survive a market conduct examination.

The comprehensive Guide takes you step-by-step through everything from receipt of an MCE notification letter to the process of responding to examiner inquiries, and from responding to a preliminary MCE report to seeking judicial review of final agency action.

The Market Conduct Examination Guide: Principles in Managing Market Conduct Examinations also delivers effective strategies to help:

  • Minimize exposure, manage the examination process and anticipate future trends in market conduct regulation
  • Reduce the regulatory costs of the examination process—and disruption to your business
  • Mitigate potential fines, penalties, bad publicity and loss of competitive advantage associated with critical market conduction examination reports
  • Uncover and eliminate "red flags"—practices that may give rise to regulatory scrutiny
  • Eliminate the possibility of third-party litigation
  • Obtain a clean report of examination
  • Implement a market conduct compliance program based on examination standards created by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners

To help ensure compliance in every jurisdiction, the Guide features a compendium of statutory and regulatory authority, case law and other informative material on a state-by-state basis.

Face Challenging Situations with Confidence

Taking swift action in the event of an unfavorable conduct report can dramatically reduce potential damage to your organization. The Market Conduct Examination Guide provides specific advice for handling a variety of challenges effectively, including how to respond to market conduct criticisms in an informed manner, protect sensitive information, remedy problems during the course of an examination and avoid mandated self-review or audit of prior conduct or prior business practices. The helpful Guide also covers how to conduct market self-assessments to document positive changes in business practices and create procedures to effectively self-police future behavior.

"Given the high price of non-compliance, no organization should undergo the intense regulatory inquiry of a market conduct examination without adequate preparation," said Lev. "With The Market Conduct Examination Guide, professionals can help their organizations do everything they can to ensure a favorable report."

About the Author

Alan J. Schmitz, JD, is a nationally acknowledged expert on insurance regulatory, transactional and administrative matters, whose expertise has earned him the prestigious "AV" rating from Martindale-Hubble. A member of the ABA Tort and Insurance Practice Section, Mr. Schmitz serves on the Committees for Excess, Surplus Lines, Reinsurance, and for Public Regulation of Insurance Law. He also is a member of the Federation of Regulatory Counsel. He is a partner at Shughart Thomson & Kilroy, P.C., which represents a broad spectrum of insurance carriers.

Pricing and Availability

To order or for more information on The Market Conduct Examination Guide: Principles in Managing Market Conduct Examinations, call 1-800-248-3248 or visit the CCH Business and Finance Group web site online at  The 309-page Guide is $239, plus applicable shipping, handling and tax.


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