New Business Incentives Guide From CCH Helps Companies Target Best States For Expansion, Relocation

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., March 14, 2000) – For multistate businesses and businesses looking to move or grow into new states, keeping informed of state tax credits and financial incentives is an important task of ever-increasing complexity. Now, CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax and business law information and software, offers a valuable new tool – the CCH Business Incentives Guide – to help companies and their advisors easily identify, track and compare business tax credits and hard-to-find financial incentives across all fifty states. ($599. To order, call 1-800-449-8114 or for more information, visit

This practical reference guide, available in print and on the Internet, lets companies quickly identify and compare states that offer the greatest business and competitive advantages.

"CCH Business Incentives Guide takes the time-consuming legwork out of multistate research," said CCH State Tax marketing manager Rick Larson.

"With this authoritative resource, companies can quickly make the most informed business decision about which states should be targeted for growth or relocation, and they can make sure they're taking advantage of all the tax credits available in the states where they currently do business."

In addition, contributions from tax practitioners at Ernst & Young, Deloitte & Touche, Grant Thornton and Moss Adams provide valuable, practical insight into maximizing tax benefits from the often-confusing array of state tax credits. The CCH Business Incentives Guide also features the expert insight of Robert A. Woods, Jr., a noted tax consultant, president of Business Information Services and the former publisher of State Tax and Financial Incentives.

Hard-to-Find Information at Your Fingertips

CCH Business Incentives Guide provides detailed tax and financial incentive information on each state and discusses the advantages specific to that state. To help users quickly identify significant incentives by type, the Guide organizes incentive information into such categories as corporate income, sales and use, and property taxes, as well as enterprise zone incentives and non-tax financial programs.

The Guide provides a wealth of information on state tax credits, such as investment credits, job training, enterprise zones, special credits for manufacturing, agriculture, technology, pollution control, and exhaustive coverage of available credits in each state.

Importantly, CCH Business Incentives Guide goes beyond credit information to deliver detailed information on relevant state financial incentives, such as state or locally funded business loan and grant programs. The helpful state-by-state directory of state and local provides contacts for more information about credits and incentives.

And, with monthly updates on the Internet and bimonthly updating in print, the CCH Business Incentives Guide delivers current contacts and information to ensure that users won’t waste time trying to track down the right person, or government office to get the information they need.

Availability and Pricing

For more information or to subscribe to CCH Business Incentives Guide, call 1-800-449-8114 or contact your CCH sales representative at 888 CCH REPS (888-224-7377). The Guide, with bimonthly updates, is available in print for $599. The Guide is also available on the Internet, with monthly udpating, for the same price. Additional shipping, handling and tax apply.


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