Financial Services Reform Act Alert: CCH Will Provide Analysis, Experts On Legislation, Compliance, Regulatory History

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., October 28, 1999) – The proposed Financial Services Reform Act promises to be one of the most significant and far-reaching changes in the financial services industry in decades, and one of the most complex, according to CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of banking and business law information and services since 1914. CCH has been providing financial institutions with explanations and analysis of banking laws and regulations for 85 years, following passage of the Federal Reserve Act.

In light of the importance and complexity of the Financial Services Reform Act, CCH is making its banking law analysts available to speak with reporters about the proposed law and its ramifications for compliance, privacy and the industry overall, as well as the history of banking legislation. Among those available to reporters are:

    • John Pachkowski, an attorney and senior banking analyst for CCH Federal Banking Law Reports and CCH Bank Compliance Guide, and author of a number of books on banking topics.
    • Ted Dreyer, an attorney and analyst with CCH’s Bankers Systems unit. In addition to his experience with Bankers Systems, a leading provider of products and services to facilitate regulatory compliance, Dreyer has worked at the U.S. Treasury on federal regulation issues.

Additional Resource

Upon passage of the Act, CCH will issue The Financial Services Reform Act of 1999: Law, Explanation and Analysis, which will include the final text of the Act, Committee Reports and explanation and analysis by CCH banking and legal experts. Relied upon by the banking industry and legal counsel, the book will be provided to reporters on request.

Contacting CCH for Interviews or Information

Media interested in speaking with CCH banking law analysts or obtaining copies of the publication can contact Leslie Bonacum at 847-267-7153 or


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