CCH Powers Up Internet With More New Features For Its Internet Tax Research Network. Faster Starts, More Effective Searches, Greater Customization Through CCH Innovation

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., October 7, 1999) – In response to the continuing rapid adoption of Internet services by accounting and legal professionals, CCH INCORPORATED (CCH), a leading provider of tax and business law information, said today that it has added a number of valuable new features to its CCH Internetsm Tax Research NetWork™ (CITRN). The additions will provide tax professionals with even greater seamless access to research materials and allow users more flexibility in customizing their CCH research tools.

Of particular note, tax professionals will benefit by CCH Internet Tax Research NetWork’s faster user login feature, greater customization, more powerful and convenient news options and the ability to search multiple libraries simultaneously.

"Since CCH sets the standard for Internet-based tax research, we’re always working to ensure that CCH customers continue to find even greater value and efficiency when using our Internet research products," said Catherine Wolfe, director of marketing, CCH Federal and State Tax group. "These new features allow us to enhance even further the superiority of Internet research."

Get There Faster with Login Express

Allowing for a faster start, CCH has introduced a new Login Express capability, allowing users to double-click directly to CCH Internet Tax Research NetWork. A new icon on the user’s desktop will open the user’s browser, connect to the Internet and to the CITRN login screen, and, if desired, enter the user’s id and password.

Users can also use Login Express to speed directly from their desktops to an Internal Revenue Code section, regulation or tax case. They simply right-click on the Login Express icon, enter a citation, and in seconds, they’re looking at the document.

"Getting started on research has never been faster, in any medium," Wolfe said.

More News Options, Customization

Also enhanced is CCH's Internet news service – which is provided free of charge with a subscription to any library on the CCH Internet Tax Research NetWork. The taxTracker searchsm feature, which tracks and delivers headlines and story summaries to users via daily e-mail, is now even easier to set up and use.

CCH templates now make it simpler to set search parameters, such as specifying document types or specific states for searches, naming searches and managing the searches. New taxTracker search news topics added to the extensive pre-defined search menu include State Business Credits and Incentives Alert, Federal Tax Legislation Watch and Federal Tax Compliance Alert.

In addition, tax professionals can recall their news search results for any given period of time, from a specific day to a range of dates. When subscribers receive their e-mail notification of relevant news stories, a single click on the headline of the story will take them to the CCH Internet Tax Research NetWork login screen, and then automatically to the full text of the story online. Other new options add even greater flexibility and customization.

Content, Research Features Added

While improving ease of use, CCH also is continuing to add content and research features to the Tax Research NetWork. Taxes magazine, one of the country’s oldest periodicals devoted to taxes, will be added to most of the CITRN tax libraries. And, citations to the Code, regulations and cases referenced in Taxes articles will be linked to full-text documents within CITRN.

In addition, CCH’s "Relate" function is being extended to more types of documents, making it easier, for example, for users to find current developments related to their point of research.

Also, researchers can now target documents in multiple libraries simply by checking the document types they wish to search in each library and then typing in their search terms on the ever-present search template.

For example, a subscriber can target the CCH Federal Tax Service in the Federal Tax Library, then open the State Tax Library and select one or more state reporters. Then, typing in "Roth IRA distribution" on the search template will bring up explanations of both the state and federal implications of this issue.

"Obviously, this brings even greater value and reduces the amount of time needed to do effective federal and state searches," Wolfe noted.

For more information about CCH Internet Tax Research NetWork, click here.


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