CCH Offers Concise, Fact-filled 1999 U.S. Master Accounting Guide

One-Stop Source Helps Accountants Answer Daily Questions

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., June 9, 1999) – Now, there is a single, reliable source for concise information and guidance on a wide range of issues accountants face on a daily basis – the 1999 U.S. Master Accounting Guide, from CCH INCORPORATED, a leading provider of tax law information and software. The one-volume Guide is a timesaving tool that provides fast and easy access to key accounting, business and legal information for accountants and the organizations they serve.

"Accounting issues go far beyond technical accounting principles; the range of information that practitioners need to keep up with is expansive, and growing," said CCH Federal and State Tax (FAST) Group Marketing Manager Gail Portugal. "The CCH 1999 U.S. Master Accounting Guide is an ‘at-a-glance’ encyclopedia that puts this wide range of need-to-know information at accounting professionals’ fingertips and gives them answers fast, whether they are in the office or on-site with a client."

Comprehensive Coverage, User-Friendly Features

The CCH 1999 Master Accounting Guide offers comprehensive treatment of accounting and finance issues, covering everything from "Automobile Deductions" to "Z Score Analysis." Helpful information is included on accounting principles, business entities, bankruptcy, business valuation, franchising, and buying/selling a business. Also covered are taxation, securities, financial analysis, Social Security, worker’s compensation, employment issues, human resources, investments, insurance and much more.

Written in a concise, user-friendly format, the CCH 1999 U.S. Master Accounting Guide includes special features to help users quickly and easily determine how particular accounting issues should be treated. Features include quick answers to common questions, helpful lists, accounting principle digests, illustrative tables and charts, sample journal entries and calculations, formulas, ratios, checklists, and descriptive examples. Also included are highlights of new developments and laws and key contact information for government offices and accounting organizations.

Companion Coverage Ensures Compliance

The CCH 1999 Master Accounting Guide is the perfect companion to CCH’s industry-leading U.S. Master Tax Guide, the nation’s most popular and respected professional tax reference book.

Practitioners and businesses alike must monitor and manage interrelated tax and accounting issues in order to maximize financial performance and meet compliance requirements. The Accounting Guide provides the same sound guidance on the accounting side of the business that tax practitioners have long trusted the U.S. Master Tax Guide for on the tax side of the business.

Availability and Pricing

The CCH 1999 U.S. Master Accounting Guide is available as a 1,300-page, softbound book. For more information or to order a copy of the Guide, call CCH at 800-248-3248. Single-copy price for the Guide is $52.95. Quantity discounts and school adoption pricing are available.


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