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CCH Business Valuation Guide Brings Financial, Legal, Business Professionals Into Rewarding, Expanding Field

(RIVERWOODS, ILL., June 9, 1999 ) – The ability to assess and place a value on a business is a rapidly growing specialty for financial analysts, accountants, lawyers and other business professionals. Now, CCH INCORPORATED, a leading provider of tax and business law and information, offers the CCH Business Valuation Guide, a valuable resource that provides professionals with everything they need to enter, and excel in, this challenging and rewarding specialty.

Valuing businesses is an essential skill, driven by an accelerating rate of small business formation, increasing litigation and more frequent challenges of estate valuations by the IRS.

Throughout, the emphasis in the Guide is on a wide-ranging and professional approach, with a stress on lifelong learning, rather than the application of a few rote formulas.

"No two companies are alike; nor do numbers and financial statements tell the whole story. Successful business valuators need to be detectives while sifting through the details of a company. They must also be able to step back and see the big picture from the point of view of a buyer. It is this variety, and the intellectual challenges it provides, that makes business valuation both interesting and exciting," said co-authors George B. Hawkins and Michael A. Paschall in the Guide’s introduction.

Complete Coverage

In a single loose-leaf volume, the CCH Business Valuation Guide presents thorough treatment of the subject, with step-by-step guidance on how to gather and analyze information for valuation purposes. The Guide begins with a discussion of the education and training necessary, followed by an extensive review of engagement agreements, minimizing the risk of malpractice liability and insights in to how best to market valuation services. The in-depth treatment on interviewing company management is supplemented by a helpful appendix and a free diskette with valuable, timesaving information checklists.

In addition, the Guide details the income, market and cost approaches to valuing businesses, as well as the discounts and premiums that may have to be considered in determining a final value. Subscribers also are shown how to pull together the results of their research and analysis in professional valuation reports, with an extensive sample report included for study.

Keeping Up-To-Date

Subscribers to the CCH Business Valuation Guide will receive periodic updates to the loose-leaf service. In addition, a quarterly newsletter, CCH Business Valuation Alert, is an integral part of every subscription to the Guide. The Business Valuation Alert will contain the authors’ views of new developments, the opinions of other experts and practitioners, a calendar of meetings and seminars and reviews of books and products.

About the Authors

George B. Hawkins is president, Banister Financial, a Charlotte, N.C., firm specializing in business valuations. An Accredited Senior Appraiser and Chartered Financial Analyst, he has extensive experience, including valuations for mergers, estate and gift tax plans, employee stock ownership plans and bankruptcies. Co-author Michael Paschall, executive vice president, Banister Financial, has a similarly broad experience in valuing businesses, from professional practices to large companies with multi-state operations. He is an attorney who is also an Accredited Senior Appraiser and a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Availability and Pricing

For more information or a risk-free 30-day review of the CCH Business Valuation Guide, call 800-449-8114. Price for a one-year subscription is $295, including one year of the CCH Business Valuation Alert newsletter.


CCH INCORPORATED, founded in 1913, has served four generations of business professionals and their clients. The company produces approximately 700 print and electronic products for tax, legal, securities, human resources, health care and small business markets. CCH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer U.S. The CCH web site can be accessed at

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