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(RIVERWOODS, IL., December 3, 1998) -- Major insurance companies and their advisors can now get daily updates on the state and federal laws that govern the industry by e-mail and over the World Wide Web from NILS Publishing Company (NILS), the leading provider of insurance law and regulatory information. NILS is offering its new customizable Advance Laws service free-of-charge to subscribers of its respected flagship product, INSource on CD-ROM.

"Advance laws" present a special challenge for those who must comply with complex legislation that has been enacted, even before the laws officially are merged into a state’s statute books. They often take effect when signed into law, and insurance companies must comply with the changes, whether or not the changes have been officially published.

Now, insurance and legal professionals can obtain this critical service exclusively from NILS, with access to the full text of recently enacted laws from 50 states and the federal government on a daily basis, through a new web site.

"This information is being made available for the exclusive use of our INSource Insurance users as a supplement to their CD-ROM service," said Barbara Booth, editor-in-chief. "Since three out of four INSource users already have access to the Internet at their desktops, this new feature is an important and valuable enhancement."

INSource is used by an estimated 10,000 legal and compliance professionals in major insurance companies, law firms, accountants and consultants -- and by over 45 state insurance departments.

Designed for Compliance Researchers

"The new INSource Advance Laws site was designed specifically with the special needs of insurance researchers in mind," said Booth.

For example, users can establish "profiles" -- telling the web site which lines of insurance (life, health, property, casualty, automobile, workers' compensation, etc.) and which regulatory topics (finance, taxes, rate and form filings) they are most interested in. The web site adjusts its display to fit those preferences, and sends users e-mail notices when advance laws fitting their profiles are added.

The site organizes and presents laws in several ways. This includes sorting laws by their effective dates -- those already effective, those effective in the current month and those effective in future months. Also, the site presents laws that match a user's preferences and that have been added since the user's last visit, regardless of effective dates.

"This site is just a glimpse of what we have planned for the full INSource database as it moves to the web," Booth added. "Combining the intelligence we've built into our information with our understanding of our customers' research work, we intend to deliver smarter, more flexible information services that more closely fit an individual user's needs. Our investment in indexing uniquely positions us to deliver on the promise of the Web."

Availability and Pricing

The Advance Laws service is available without charge to current and future subscribers of NILS INSource. After registering at, current subscribers can begin using the new site immediately. For more information about INSource and other NILS services, contact a local CCH Business and Finance sales representative (888 CCH REPS), call NILS at 800-423-5910 or visit the NILS website (

About NILS

NILS Publishing Company was founded in 1947 -- as the National Insurance Law Service -- to deliver the state-by-state compliance information that insurance organizations need to comply and compete. INSource Insurance was introduced in 1991, delivering the information found in the National Insurance Law Service, on CD-ROM. NILS Publishing Company is part of the Business and Finance Group of CCH INCORPORATED.

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