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CCH State-by-state Workers' Compensation Guide Offers Complete, Customized, Electronic Coverage

(Riverwoods, ILL., November 11, 1998) -- Now there is a single, electronic resource for expert guidance, timely reporting and comprehensive, full-text coverage of the laws and regulations regarding workers’ compensation, according to CCH INCORPORATED, a leading provider of human resource law and information. The CCH State-by-State Workers’ Compensation Guide, available on CD-ROM and on the CCH Internetsm Research Network™, provides a combination of practical, expert advice and primary statutory and regulatory authority to meet the needs of those responsible for minimizing the costs of workers’ compensation while ensuring compliance with the law.

In addition, this new electronic resource has a unique customization feature that allows customers to select the states they want covered -- from a single "home state," to any combination of states, to all states (including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico).


Comprehensive Coverage

The CCH State-by-State Workers' Compensation Guide highlights the steps that employers can take to save money regardless of the state or states in which they operate, including proactive safety measures through cost-effective insurance placements and practical return-to-work programs. In easy-to-understand, layperson language, the Guide provides human resource and risk managers with ideas and insights into every phase of practice and procedure, both pre-accident and post-accident.

Strategies for reducing the incidence of common workplace accidents and illnesses -- including those resulting from repetitive stress injuries, workplace violence and substance abuse -- are clearly laid out.

The interaction of state workers’ compensation statutes with federal laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and OSHA regulations, is also examined.


Time-Saving Summaries, Full-Text Reporting

To complement the general principles of safety and risk management, CCH State-by-State Workers’ Compensation Guide provides in-depth coverage of the specific laws that govern workers’ compensation in the various states. This includes the full text of state workers’ compensation statutes, regulations, advanced laws and attorney general opinions for most states.

Time-saving CCH summaries for each state provide a basic statement of how the state deals with a given topic and provides links to the full text of laws and regulations. Uniform arrangement makes it easy to compare the treatment of topics in multiple jurisdictions.


Staying Current

Subscribers to the CCH State-by-State Workers’ Compensation Guide on CD-ROM receive monthly updates by disc or at the Internet site.

Subscribers to either electronic version also receive the twice-monthly Workers’ Compensation Business Management Guide Newsletter both by mail and in their electronic updates. The newsletter highlights developments in the field and includes coverage of significant case law, insurance industry developments and best practices from around the country.


System Requirements

The recommended and minimum system requirements for the CCH State-by-State Workers’ Compensation Guide on CD-ROM are: a 486-50 MHz or better processor (minimum: 386-50 MHz); 16MB or more of RAM (minimum: 8 MB), CD-ROM drive compatible with Microsoft Extensions (MSCDEX); SVGA 256 color video display (minimum: VGA 256 colors); DOS 5.0 or higher and Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 or higher or Windows '95.

Over the CCH Internet Research Network, subscribers to the CCH State-by-State Workers’ Compensation Guide need only have an Internet browser (Netscape Navigator 3.0 and above, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and above or AOL for Windows ‘95) and an Internet connection.


Free Trials, 40 Percent Off for Current Subscribers

Price for a one-year subscription to the CCH State-by-State Workers’ Compensation Guide on CD-ROM, including coverage of a single state, is $499; for the Internet version the one-year subscription price is $529.

Coverage for additional states is available at $199 per state on CD-ROM; $219 over the Internet. Quantity discounts apply on subscriptions to three or more states. Coverage for all jurisdictions is priced at $4,995 on CD-ROM, $5,295 for Internet delivery.

Current users of the print version of the CCH Workers’ Compensation: Business Management Guide who maintain their existing print subscription can explore the Internet delivery medium for only 60% of the normal subscription price. Plus, they can still customize their order to receive only the states that interest them.

To arrange for a free trial subscription to the CCH State-by-State Workers’ Compensation Guide over the Internet, contact your CCH Health and Human Resource sales representative at 1 888 CCH REPS (888-224-7377) or select the Research Network option at the CCH Human Resources home page (



CCH INCORPORATED, Riverwoods, Ill., is a leading provider of employment law information for human resource professionals, including CCH Pension Plan Guide, CCH Employee Benefits Management, CCH Human Resources Management and CCH Payroll Management Guide. CCH also provides tax and business law information in print and electronic form for accounting, legal and health care professionals. CCH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer U.S.

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