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2012 Press Releases - Tax

Dec 26, 2012 CCH Outlines Options as Congress, Taxpayers Face Fiscal Cliff
Dec 20, 2012 Free Version of New CCH Fiscal Cliff Estimator Now Available: The Early Advantage for Professionals, Self Tax Preparers
Dec 18, 2012 New CCH Fiscal Cliff Estimator Now Available on IntelliConnect, CCH Mobile: Know the Impact of Potential Tax Decisions Before They Happen
Dec 7, 2012 New CCH Tax Briefing Examines IRS Guidance on Medicare Contribution Taxes
Nov 30, 2012 CCH Receives 2012 Governor’s Sustainability Award for Achievement in Environmental Protection
Nov 28, 2012 Uncle Sam Sure to be Winner in Powerball Says CCH
Nov 28, 2012 More Tax Information On-the-go with New Mobile Apps From CCH
Nov 16, 2012 CCH Delivers More Journal Apps for iPads: Free Downloads, Easier Information Access On-the-Go
Nov 9, 2012 CCH Offers Timely, New Webinar: Tax Treatment of Casualty and Disaster Losses
Nov 8, 2012 CCH Issues New Post-election Tax Briefing Examining Issues, Deadlines, Tough Tax Policy Negotiations
Nov 7, 2012 CCH Introduces New Global Tax Weekly A Closer Look Providing Insightful Analysis, Coverage of Latest Tax Developments
Nov 6, 2012 New CCH ProSystem fx Client Intelligence Solution: Advanced Analytics Helping Firms Better Advise Business Clients
Nov 6, 2012 On-the-go Access to Faster Answers, Better Results: New Enhancements Advance CCH Mobile and IntelliConnect Solutions
Nov 5, 2012 New Mobile Apps from CCH Advance Business for Accounting Professionals On-the-go
Nov 5, 2012 CCH Nationwide Survey Finds Cloud, Mobile Top Technologies Driving Change for Tax and Accounting Profession
Nov 1, 2012 CCH Executives Mackintosh and Mortenson Honored as Most Powerful Women in Accounting
Oct 31, 2012 Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Appoints Barbara Kroll to Lead Twinfield in the United Kingdom, Further Expanding Europe’s Largest Online Accounting Web Service
Oct 24, 2012 CCH Answers Questions About Potential Tax Law Changes: Upcoming Webinar Examines Critical Issues
Oct 16, 2012 CCH Releases New Knowledge-Based Audit Title for HUD Programs
Oct 4, 2012 New CCH Tax Briefing Offers Expert Analysis on Year-End Tax Planning
Oct 4, 2012 CCH CorpSystem Sales Tax Office Selected by National Pizza Company for Fast, Efficient Automated Restaurant Tax Calculations
Oct 2, 2012 CCH Adds New Open Integration Platform Partner for Advancing Business
Sep 28, 2012 Nominal vs. Effective Corporate Tax Rates, CCH Examines Key Figures Impacting Investment
Sep 27, 2012 IRS Turns to CCH for Reliable, Comprehensive Sales Tax Data
Sep 21, 2012 CCH’s ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach Wins Best Audit Technology in K2 Enterprises Awards
Sep 14, 2012 Taxpayers Will See Relief By Way of Inflation-adjusted Indexing, Total Tax Impact Still Remains Unclear, CCH Says
Sep 11, 2012 New CCH Tax Briefing Provides Detail, Analysis of Presidential Candidates’ Tax Policies
Sep 11, 2012 CCH Leaders Honored As Top in the Profession By Leading Tax and Accounting Publications
Sep 6, 2012 CCH Releases New Commercial Title with Updated AICPA Clarity Standards
Sep 3, 2012 Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Continues to Invest and Expand in Corporate Market with Acquisition of BSI  
Aug 21, 2012 New CCH Tax Briefing Provides Guidance, Analysis for Capitalization Regulations
Aug 16, 2012 New CCH CPE Assistant: The Complete Online CPE Management Solution
Aug 9, 2012 Faster Answers, Better Results with CCH Mobile: Enhanced New IntelliConnect App Advances Business On-the-go
Jul 30, 2012 Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Announces Karen Abramson as New CEO for CCH in North America
Jul 26, 2012 CCH Updates Back-to-school State Tax Holidays for 2012
Jul 12, 2012 Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Plans to Expand Online Software Solutions with Agreement to Acquire Acclipse
Jul 11, 2012 CCH Launches New Enhancements for Improving Efficiency, Advancing Business for CPAs
Jun 29, 2012 CCH Provides Expert Analysis of Supreme Court Health Care Ruling in New Tax Briefing 
Jun 26, 2012 CCH First to Offer New Level of Integration for Tax and Accounting Professionals with Innovative New Open Integration Platform
Jun 21, 2012 CCH Listening Tour Lets Customers Share What’s on Their Minds
Jun 11, 2012 Tap into Tax Expertise on Your iPad with CCH’s Popular TAXES – The Tax Magazine
Jun 7, 2012 CCH Connections: User Conference 2012 – Advance Your Business, Connect with Leaders, Discover New Trends
Jun 5, 2012 CCH ProSystem fx Document Wins 2012 Tax and Accounting Technology Innovation Award
May 29, 2012 CCH and CCH Small Firm Services Report Record E-filing Tax Season, Transmitting More Than 36 Million Returns
May 16, 2012 New Enhancements to CCH IntelliConnect Deliver Even Faster Answers, Better Results
May 4, 2012 More Questions Than Answers for 2013 Tax Picture: New CCH Tax Briefing Examines Key End-of-Year Issues
May 1, 2012 CCH Audit Solutions, ProSystem fx Engagement and Knowledge Coach to Feature Compatibility with SQL Server 2012
Apr 23, 2012 More Additions to Growing CCH Expert Treatise Library: Estate Planning, Federal Research and Development Tax Incentives Titles Now Available
Apr 18, 2012 Filed Your Taxes and Forgot Something? You Have a Second Chance: CCH Examines Steps for Completing an Amended Return
Apr 16, 2012 CCH Names Tax & Accounting Leader Teresa Mackintosh Executive Vice President & General Manager of Tax
Apr 12, 2012 Use Tax: Taxpayers May Not Know They Owe It, But More States Adding Line Item on Tax Return to Collect, CCH Says
Apr 11, 2012 Thinking of Tapping Your 401(k) for Funds? CCH Examines What You Need to Know First
Apr 10, 2012 CCH Provides Last-Minute Tips for Taxpayers Still Looking to File
Apr 2, 2012 What If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes? CCH Examines Options Taxpayers Need to Know
Mar 29, 2012 Saving Money at Tax Time and Beyond by Going Green: CCH Looks at Benefits of Energy-efficient Home Improvements, Auto Purchases
Mar 28, 2012 Short on Time? Long on Excuses? Stop Putting Off Your Taxes! Beat the Clock With the CompleteTax Mobile 1040EZ App
Mar 27, 2012 What Not to Do When Doing Your Taxes: CCH Looks at Common Tax Blunders
Mar 26, 2012 Take Credit Where Credit Is Due: CCH Identifies Credits to Lower Income Taxes
Mar 22, 2012 Really, I Can Deduct That? CCH Looks at Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions
Mar 20, 2012 CCH’s Global Integrator Named Finalist in Prestigious Software & Information Industry Association Awards  
Mar 14, 2012 CCH Expert Treatise Library Expands Again: Two New Corporate Tax Titles Now Available
Mar 8, 2012 2011-2012 Estates Benefit from Low Taxes; 2013 Could See Significant Hike Unless Congress Acts
Mar 6, 2012 New CompleteTax Mobile 1040EZ Lets iPhone, Android Users File Federal and State Returns for Free
Mar 5, 2012 Job Searching? CCH Outlines Five Ways You Can Lower Your Taxes If Unemployed
Mar 2, 2012 CCH ProSystem fx Practice Intelligence Named 2012 Top New Business Intelligence Product by Accounting Today
Feb 27, 2012 New CCH Tax Briefing Outlines The President’s Proposals for Corporate and Business Tax Reform
Feb 27, 2012 CCH Executives Cover New Developments in Tax & Accounting at Thought Leader Symposium
Feb 21, 2012 CCH Tax Guide for Journalists 2012 Now Available
Feb 21, 2012 CCH, Ryan Launch New Partnership: Global Tax Firm Now a Preferred Corporate Tax Solution Implementer
Feb 17, 2012 Two New CCH Tax Briefings Analyze Tax Developments: Payroll Tax Cut Agreement and Federal Budget Proposal for 2013
Feb 15, 2012 New CCH Integrator for Corporate Professionals: Centralized Solution Cuts Through Tax Complexity, Eases Compliance Burden
Feb 7, 2012 Taxes Can Add Up Depending on Where You Retire
Jan 27, 2012 New CCH Accounting Research Manager White Paper Examines Revised FASB Proposal on Revenue Recognition
Jan 19, 2012 CCH’s Expert Treatise Library Expands with Several New Titles
Jan 18, 2012 New CCH CorpSystem SureTax Telecom Solution Streamlines Telecommunications Industry Tax Processing
Jan 10, 2012 New Enhancements Advance CCH ProSystem fx Workstream, Practice (SaaS) Workflow Solutions
Jan 9, 2012 By Popular Demand, CCH Presents Timely Webinar on New Carryover Basis Rules and Form 8939
Jan 4, 2012 CCH Reviews Changes Taxpayers Will See for 2011 Tax Season
Jan 3, 2012 Take CCH IntelliConnect Wherever You Go: Faster Answers, Better Results on Your iPad
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